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Exterior Faux Finish Painting in the New York, NY Area

Faux Finishes, Decorative Finishes, or Decorative Painting - whatever term you may use, Elite Specialty Coatings Plus, Inc. can enhance your home's exterior!

Faux painting is an excellent way to add interest and drama to your home, while also increasing the value. Faux finishes are an ideal way to create a unique appearance to your home's exterior, providing an intricate coating, without requiring the complex process of removal later if you decide to change the look of your home.

The purpose of faux painting is to replicate the appearance of specific material, such as stone, brick, leather, marble, wood grain - even some fabrics. Fairly simple faux painting applications include sponging, color washing and rag rolling. These require minimal additional materials and tools. More involved techniques to achieve decorative finishes include crackling, marbleizing, faux granite, strie', fresco, and graining. These applications require additional materials, such as glazes and/or plaster, along with advanced planning to ensure the result is the masterpiece that the homeowner envisioned.

Rest assured, we will work closely with you throughout your faux painting project to be certain the finish is applied beautifully and reflects the desired appearance on the exterior of your home. Elite Specialty Coatings Plus, Inc. realizes that having painters around your home can be an inconvenience. We will work with you on scheduling, and make our best efforts to minimize the impact on your day-to-day life. We keep our work areas clean and always perform a full clean up quickly after each project completion.

When you call on Elite Specialty Coatings Plus, Inc. for your faux painting project, you can rest assured that we'll work closely with you to make sure the finish goes on beautifully and presents the look you want for the exterior of your home. Even though decorative finishes can require more materials, we will still be sure to keep our work area clean and to complete a full clean-up quickly after finishing the project.

If you live in New York, Long Island, Hamptons, Westchester, Connecticut or other areas of the area and you'd like to have a faux finish applied to your home's exterior by a reliable and trustworthy painting contractor, contact us today. We'll be happy to give you a free quote for the services you are requesting, call us today at 347-386-5414 or request a free estimate.